CAFB Legal has prepared a compilation of potentially useful groundwater recharge information and resources for landowners, growers, and groundwater pumpers.

Current efforts by the State of California are part of a target included in an October 2023 Water Supply Strategy Update from Governor Newsom to increase annual average groundwater recharge statewide by at least 500,000 acre-feet a year.

In March of 2023, Governor Newsom outlined a set of streamlined flood emergency procedures to allow diversions for groundwater recharge in times of imminent flood risk under Executive Order N-4-23.  These flood recharge provisions were later codified as new Water Code section 1242.1, making them a permanent part of the California Water Code.

The information posted on CAFB’s website describes important requirements and landowner responsibilities under the new law and provides links and potentially additional useful resources for landowners interested in conducting groundwater recharge activities on their lands more generally.