URGENT: Critical SGMA Probation and Potential State Intervention Info for Agricultural Landowners, Pumpers and Operators in San Valley Groundwater Subbasins


Six (6) San Joaquin Valley Groundwater Subbasins—the Tulare Lake, Tule, Kaweah, Kern County, Delta-Mendota and Chowchilla Subbasins (See map below)—are currently revising local groundwater sustainability plans (GSPs) to avoid State Water Resources Control Board ‘state intervention’ over the remainder of 2023 into 2024.

As of this update (October 2023), the coordinated GSPs for a seventh subbasin—the Madera Subbasin—were resubmitted after an initial “incomplete” determination from the DWR, and are currently awaiting a final determination from the DWR of “adequacy” or “inadequacy.”

Click the link below to view the general overview and critical public participation information for potentially affected agricultural landowners, pumpers and operators in these subbasins.

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