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Prune farmers are cautious about overplanting
Now that California prune growers are earning a higher price, with supply more in line with demand, marketers of the dried fruit have a message for them: Don’t go nuts on prunes. The warning comes as the price of almonds and walnuts has trended down in recent years and growers remove more of those trees. People in the prune business are concerned that farmers looking to replace their nut orchards will overplant prunes. Thanks to depleted inventory, prune prices have improved over lows of five years ago. Growers say they want to keep it that way.

Governor signs one insurance bill, but bigger fixes are needed
Some farmers and other property owners who have had to turn to the California FAIR Plan, the state’s insurer of last resort, may soon have better coverage options thanks to a new law. Gov. Gavin Newsom signed legislation to improve commercial property insurance options for people who have struggled to access coverage due to the impact of wildfires. Farmers suffered a double blow to fires, losing crops and farm properties as well as the ability to insure their properties and commercial assets as insurance companies denied policy renewals. They say more legislative fixes are needed.

Farm Bureau delegation makes voice heard on Capitol Hill
A delegation of California Farm Bureau leaders held meetings to advocate on important issues facing farmers and ranchers as debate continued in Congress over how to fund the federal government. Farm Bureau leaders and the organization’s federal policy team met in the nation’s capital Sept. 10-13. Discussions focused on important agricultural issues, such as the next federal farm bill and the need for prompt relief funding to recover from disasters, including flooding and wildfires.

Researchers publish guide for California peach farmers
Two veteran orchard crop researchers at the University of California, Davis, have produced a handbook on peach cultivation and postharvest considerations. Thomas Gradziel is a UC Davis professor and plant breeder and Carlos Crisosto is a UC Davis professor and Cooperative Extension farm advisor in consumer quality and postharvest technology. They said their new guidebook, “Peach,” gives growers basic information that can reduce their production risks, boost profits and help them face issues such as climate change and a shifting world market.

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