County Recognition Awards

County Activities of Excellence Awards

Every year California Farm Bureau is proud to recognize county Farm Bureaus and county members for their commitment to agriculture.

2023 Counties of the Year

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The County Activities of Excellence Awards program is designed to recognize county Farm Bureaus for outstanding achievements on the local level. The award application consists of six categories in which a county can receive recognition. The categories are member services, policy implementation, leadership, ag education/promotion, public relations and Young Farmers & Ranchers. Every county can receive an Activities of Excellence Award in each category in which they submit an application and meet minimum levels of participation. Counties are placed into classes based on agriculture membership numbers and will be judged relative to other CFBs of similar size. One county from each category will be awarded the County of the Year Award.

Distinguished Service Award

For more than 60 years, California Farm Bureau has recognized outstanding individuals with the Distinguished Service Award. CAFB is among the most respected organizations in the state because of the volunteers who devote their time and skills to promote agriculture. Nominations must be made on behalf of the county Farm Bureau.